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More Rich, High-Powered Women Can Be Looking At Matchmakers to Discover Love

Paula Froelich reports in the breed that is new of matchmakers—and their wealthy, effective customers.

Paula Froelich

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A few years ago, during a rooftop supper in Chelsea Eric that is celebrating Ripert’s show, Avec Eric, Martha Stewart ended up being overheard whining to her supper companions, “I can’t get a night out together. You understand anyone you can easily set me personally up with? ”

It’s a familiar issue uttered by solitary females all over nyc. You can find blog sites, endless paper columns, and tv shows dedicated to the hapless solitary lady searching for love. Nevertheless the women in the most notable monetary tiers have actually a whole lot larger issue. Not only will they maybe perhaps maybe not get dudes in pubs for concern with showing up on web web Page Six, they can’t go shopping online with no knowledge of that somehow their profile will appear on sites mysteriously like Gawker, that may mock them mercilessly. If not worse—as in case of Paula Zahn’s millionaire spouse, Richard Cohen, who had been caught utilizing up to now and dump ladies after telling them they certainly were their “soul mate”—their dating peccadilloes and apparently bad behavior additionally may be chronicled by the town’s tabloids. (more…)