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In the event the dating profile says ‘Swipe left in the event that you voted for Trump,’ you will just harm yourself

People set filters on dating apps for age, competition, religion, physical stature, height, hobbies, education level and geographical desirability. Increasingly, individuals have added governmental choices to further filter out the supposedly undesirables. And, if you’re sifting through the pool of the large dating application, petty pickiness might seem justified because you’re still presented with hundreds of choices (though their “truthiness” can vary).

But I’m going to urge individuals — specially women — to reconsider.

Into the final year or two, messages from the news and our tradition as a whole have actually told us which our governmental choices are main to who we have been. Pundits, politicians, artists, actors and corporations assert we ought to select a side, whether it’s which chicken sandwiches we consume, which airlines we fly, which nonprofits we help or which people we love (and on occasion even befriend). (more…)