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Best Guide to Update Slow Windows Reserved Storage Performance After Malware Removal

But now I cannot log onto the computer at all, it is saying my password is not recognised but I know which password I set for it! I have not brilliant with computers but understand the basics. I have tried clicking on ‘reset password’ but it is asking for a disc in order to do this? Any ideas why it has done this and how I can log onto my account?

Interop Tools for Windows 10 Mobile lets you edit your registry

I changed my user name and password and it worked, but unfortunately, the next screen that popped up was my MSN account, and it asked for my password in order to continue. I don’t want to have to sign on to my laptop twice. How do I get the Microsoft email window to stop popping up.

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Some users swear by the Microsoft account login, because they like the free stuff in the store. I have never gotten anything from it, so it is not an issue. As for other benefits, well, I consider them a nuisance at best. Back when I acquired my Windows 8 computer I went with the Microsoft account login, seeing no harm in it. I stayed with it until one day my Internet access got messed up while I was playing with a spare router.

I have children and I do not want them reading my emails. They now have to have my Microsoft email account password in order to get onto the laptop along with the original laptop sign in. I don’t even know how it all happened in the first place.

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That’s what we’re going to do in this example, but if you use an MSC file to apply the changes to certain users, the steps are the same. If you’re using Windows Pro or Enterprise, the easiest way to lock out this change is by using the Local Group Policy Editor. It also gives you a bit more power over which users have this restriction. If you’re turning off the shortcuts for only some user accounts on a PC, you’ll need to do a little extra setup by first creating a policy object for those users.

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  • With all due respect to your solution Ian, I know you’re just sharing what has worked for you, I shouldn’t have to modify my behavior around a worthless system.
  • Under related settings select “Desktop Icon settings” Uncheck “Allow Themes to change desktop icons” Worked for me.
  • The suggested setting change does not stop windows from rearranging icons.
  • From the lock screen, you can view information from certain apps, including your calendar, the weather, and other helpful features.
  • Those who have the Windows 10 Anniversary update and above can also chat with Cortana.

You can read all about that in our guide to applying local Group Policy tweaks to specific users. Using this method, you won’t see a "Some settings are managed by your organization" message in the Personalization settings, and users won’t be able to change the current desktop wallpaper. I also want to change an account back to a local account. One of my kids associated their Microsoft account with my father in law’s local account on his computer, so now my managed settings are applied to this account. After installing updates to Windows 10, I can no longer access my gmail account. Asks for user name and password and/or phone number.