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since i have had been the breadwinner, i’m waiting to see just how long before he misses my cash.

Yes my hubby is completely selfish, huge egomaniac, arrogant and narcicist, his the main one who’se cheated, he will not communicate beside me abbout the matter, he never ever talk now their cheated on me personally, the worst component he blame me personally for many, constantly decide to try looking the error that l’ve done, he never ever satisfy for everthing just what l do, l never adequate for him, he use me, he never ever appologize, he say lm fool to allow him go, he perform head games on me, whats incorrect if he begging, kneeling and lf necessary kiss my feet, this guy ego is simply too big, too arrogant

And my spouse constantly manipulated but l always stay this limited to double son and child, l want him have good dad figure, l need him to alter just for my double son or daughter, lm perhaps not selfish to consider that is limited to him, but he push me, he threathened if lm not love him, he will leave us for me, l dont have love

Blondina.Only simply 2 days l leave him and then go to my mother, their cheated affair and cheat cant be solution of this issue, he could be evidence that he’s poor and selfish

YES! Exactly. He also delivered me personally a page a week ago saying he could be innocent and Confused with what used to do. As he ended up being asking these 4 woven fabric for intercourse and organizing sex conference, he had been simply chatting in which he never slept with Michele. He left out any kind of names. He claims just just exactly how we hurt him, but he understands I will be okay. He really thinks i really believe their BS. (more…)